How do I join Bitsoft Network?

Please register using the registration form.

How much does it cost to join Bitsoft Network?

It is free to join Bitsoft Network.

How does it work?

We're in the business of selling Bitcoin in large quantities to some investors, so we're able to offer an impressive 1% return daily on an investment until the 6 month investment period ends.

How much money can I invest?

The minimum investment value is 100USD.

What is the rate of return (RoR)?

We offer 1% return daily based on your investment value.

How long is the investment period?

The investment period ends exactly 6 months after the initial investment date.

What are the tax implications of money earned from Bitcoin?

If you sell your bitcoin and deposit the money into your bank account, you will need to pay tax on it as it will be regarded as income. It’s best to be advised by your accountant or tax practitioner.